Win or lose, do your best

Win or lose, do your best

You know only one team finishes the game as the winner. After the game, the winning team celebrates and everyone is happy. How about the losing team? Do the players on the losing team feel like they are losers?

I have been on both sides of this fence many times. Although it feels better to win, it is very important for losing teams to have a sense of well-being, if they gave their best. I cannot tell you how many times I was so proud of our players for performing their best although we did not win the game. Regardless of the score, I recognize great performances even in a losing cause.

Society looks down on losing. Many people view failure as being a loser. People do not even consider what a person has learned, benefitted or gained from learning how to have a never quit attitude.

We have all failed one time or another. I would wager to say you do not remember the first time you tried to walk. Did you almost drown when you first tried to swim? Do you remember learning how to hit a baseball?



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