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Trump’s grand tour

I avoid making fun of someone’s physical appearance. I really do. But I’m totally struggling here, folks. All I can say is that the White House image mavens who allowed Donald Trump to be seen with a 390-pound sumo wrestler in Tokyo really blew it. I can’t imagine how it was that Donald Trump, who is all about branding, would agree to such a setup.

Usually, it’s Trump who’s mud wrestling on Twitter, oozing out his insults and setting the tone for what passes as political debate in the not-really-United States. Among his latest targets is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has pressed his buttons with her understated insults. All he can do is have his putrid posse distort videos of her, and call her names like “Crazy Nancy.” By the way, which is it — “Crazy Nancy” or “Crazy Bernie”? His repetition shows how rattled he is; that or he’s lost his creative insult touch.



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