Ross Ramsey

A Republican president wants to use the census to dilute the power of Texas, the biggest Republican state

About 6% of the people in Texas are undocumented immigrants. They work and live in the state, and they pay taxes. They’re not citizens, and they can’t vote.

Their presence in Texas increases the population of the state, and the number of people Texas sends to Congress is directly tied to the number of humans in the state. Not just voters, not just citizens. Humans.

The Trump administration wants to keep noncitizens out of the count used to determine how many people Texas sends to Congress. Undocumented immigrants may not be voters, but excluding people who live in and contribute to society is both undemocratic and unrepresentative. And it’s not about participation. We count kids, after all, because people who live under the laws made in Washington need elected advocates even if they can’t vote.



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