The Exchange Rate

The holiday week leading up to New Year’s has special meaning. The day after holy Christmas, we celebrated the wholly mercenary observance of Exchange Day.

It’s not an official holiday in the United States, but it should be, like Boxing Day is in British Commonwealth countries. You remember the British Commonwealth, don’t you? That was the worldwide collection of countries under the influence of England, before the demise of the U.K. — a downward slide that is nearly identical to what the U.S. is undergoing now.

That was long before Brexit, where the demagogues successfully played on the latent hatreds of the Brits in order to commit financial suicide by trying to pull away from the rest of Europe. Again, it’s uncannily similar to Americexit, a term I just made up to describe how our current leadership is trying to lead us to oblivion by removing us from the rest of the planet.

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