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Drama Kings and Queens

You might be asking yourself why the members of Congress always wait until the last minute to make their deals on vital legislation, the kind that they should have passed weeks or months ago, for instance, to rescue the American people from homelessness and starvation.

There are several reasons, but the main one is because politicians are inherently drama kings and queens. It’s insidious but true that these people who rule our lives want to make sure they each get their moments of glory by lining up to present obstacles that could have been avoided.

To be fair, a few of them actually have principled concerns about what the unprincipled ones are trying to slip past them, but for the most part it’s making sure they get their sliver of the spotlight. Or they want to pull a fast one and do favors for their own special interest campaign contributors — read “legalized bribers” — by taking care of them when there is a rush to pass legislation, no matter how larded it is with pork.

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