Democrats are own worst enemy

Democrats are own worst enemy

For a town where friendship is really a matter of expedience, where Best Friends Forever, or “BFF” in kiddie talk, has become “BFT,” Best Friends Temporarily, we sure have conjured up many sound bites about friendship. “You want a friend in Washington?” said Harry Truman, “Get a dog.” Unless, of course, Fido can get tastier kibbles elsewhere.

How about this one? “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” That one captures the transactional nature of geopolitical friendship. Collaborators in one battle can shift to adversaries in an instant. The Middle East is riddled with such shifting sands. We can always turn on yesterday’s loyal ally — and we do. The United States, under President Donald Trump, has, at Turkey’s behest, just stuck the knife in the back of the Kurds, who were our fiercest compatriots in the battle against ISIS. Just the latest sad example.

But there is still more insight about friendship and its opposite. One of my personal favorites comes from Pogo, the brilliant cartoon character drawn by Walt Kelly. Pogo dropped so many political pearls of wisdom on us; among them, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”



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