Bob Franken

Boris and Donald

How fitting it was that on Friday the 13th, Boris Johnson trundled over to Buckingham Palace and received permission from the queen to form his government. Fitting because it was bad luck for those who had fading hopes of somehow stopping Brexit before it actually happened, and really bad luck for those who put up a fight against Boris Johnson.

He’s a serial liar and buffoon, but he had the incredibly good fortune to run against Jeremy Corbin, someone the British people despise even more than Johnson. His Conservatives were pitted against a Labour Party that Corbin has dragged far to the left, leaving Brits with the impression that he’d nationalize everything if he gained power. Add to that a faction in Labour that is downright anti-Semitic, and you have an overwhelming bloc of voters who are antinationalizing everything and anti-anti-Semitic, and who had nowhere to go but to vote for the buffoon. Politics U.K. style is not exactly parallel to politics U.S. style, but there are certainly similarities — lots of them.



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