The ballot ballgame

IIt happens several times a game: I’ll announce to the world, “The entire season rests on this pitch (shot/play/whatever).” My friends long ago learned simply to ignore my sarcasm, which makes it difficult when I’m being serious. Such as when I announce,

“The fate of the nation might rest on the upcoming election.” For real. Even though Donald Trump is not on the ballot, the midterms will determine if Congress can take a role in restraining his worst impulses. It should be obvious to those horrified by his presidency that they must install an effective opposition, which is to say a Democratic majority not only in the House of Representatives, but also in the Senate. That can happen only if all those millions of people who claim to be part of a “resistance” show up at the polling places in massive numbers, turnout that will overwhelm those in Trump’s so-called base who will show up inspired by his message of hate and ignorance, and his constant stream of outright lies


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